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Meet the President

*PSS second wish kid Vinny pictured with Angela Schuyler-2018

My name is Angela Schuyler and I am the founder and President of Paulie's Super Siblings. I grew up in Parish, NY and resided most of my adult life in Oswego County. I am the mother to three beautiful children; Haiden (13), Paulie (forever 2), and Frank (4). In 2018 my husband joined the US Navy and we relocated to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

As a young child I remember having a passion for helping people. My mother tells the story about how when I grew up I wanted to "help all the old people". As children my mother was deeply involved in charitable work and she passed that desire on to me.

On October 29th 2013 my son, Paul Morley, was diagnosed with High Risk T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. During his treatments he received many amazing gifts, cards, and care packages. I watched as my small community rallied around him and my family. Paulie's biggest supporter though was his older sister, Haiden. His treatment caused us to miss many of her school events and milestones in her life. Even so, she remained by his side, holding his hand during chemotherapy treatments and providing unending love.

Paul went into remission on January 28th 2014, but sadly he would relapse only a few months later on April 28th, 2014. His cancer was aggressive and resistant to all forms of chemotherapy we tried. Soon we decided to create a bucket list of things we thought he should do before his time with us ended. The word spread and people from all over the world came rushing in to help. Paul "traveled" the world through pictures and videos, he had a lemonade stand, Derek Jeter and Elmo sent him videos, he rode a horse, became and honorary police officer and firefighter, Make-A-Wish gave him a John Deere Tractor, went camping, and so much more. Unfortunately Paulies cancer took over his body before he could complete his bucket list.

Paulie passed away on July 17th 2014 at the age of Two years, Ten months, and Eleven days.

After Paulie's death I was searching for non profit organizations that would benefit my daughter. Whether it was to help her emotionally cope with losing her brother or just something for her to feel special. I needed her to know that we didn't forget how special and amazing she was. The problem was that I couldn't find anything.

One year later, on July 17th 2015, Paulie's Super Siblings was brought to life with the help of The Keys Program. The bond and relationship that Haiden and Paulie shared was my inspiration in creating PSS. At PSS we grant wishes for the siblings of children who have or have had cancer. Our goals is to show them that they are special and important as well and that they don't go unnoticed. Each wish is personalized based on the childs likes and wants. After five amazing years and four wishes granted PSS separated from The KEYS Program to become our own non profit. On September 16th 2020 PSS became officially recognized as a 501c3 non profit.

We currently grant wishes that cost around $1,500. In the coming months we hope to partner with local businesses to gain sponsors so that we can grant bigger and better wishes. We aim to raise, at minimum, $5,000 this year and apply for a few grants. We would love to add a list of volunteers to our program as well as increase our social media presence.

This non profit means the world to me. It has been a way for me to continue Paulie's legacy. My mission is to make sure that no child feels left behind. But just as important is that no bereaved family feels excluded or left behind.

*Paulie and Angela-2013



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