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Our First Wish...Lily

In 2017 PSS granted our first ever wish for Lily. Lily's brother Grant is a leukemia survivor. Lily wished for two things; a Chuck-e-cheese birthday party and the American Girl doll trundle bed.

We had bigger plans for our first wish and we couldn't have picked a better young lady to grant this wish for.

We started out by planning the BEST birthday party Chuck-E-Cheese had to offer. The top of the line package! Next was making sure Lily got the birthday present she wanted.

Finally the BIG surprise. We had arranged for Lily and her family to travel to Boston on an all expense paid trip. There Lily and her family would go to The American Girl Doll Store where we pre arranged another birthday party for her and her dolls. She was then given a gift card to send her dolls to the salon for a makeover and buy some additional accessories.

The largest part of the wish was made possible by a generous donation by Melinda and Michael Ramsey (paid for accommodations) and Matthew Arquette (paid for food).

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